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Shown below are our regular stocking colors.  Other colors and thicknesses are available special order.

12mm-thick ITOPKER COUNTERTOPS are innovative surfaces made of cutting-edge materials for use as countertops or worktops. ITOPKER Countertops stand out for their exceptional properties, combining resistance and high design appeal in large-formats slabs. They have become an indispensable feature of kitchens, thanks to their unbeatable technical performance and attractive designs and textures in keeping with the latest trends in interior design.

100% FULL DIGITAL production processes are used to make ITOPKER Countertops, guaranteeing surfaces with advanced properties in natural, structured, glossy polished and matt polished finishes.  The over 40 available designs are made with H2O IPLUS FULL DIGITAL technology, which uses water-based inks and glazes. These fully digital production processes lead to the achievement of eco-friendlier, more sustainable collections with an amazing definition.

Arizona ITOPKER countertop. A natural finish in Fresno colour.

wood, living room, bathroom, outdoor, indoor, natural, kitchen, countertop, top, itopker, soft

Nature is still a source of inspiration for our ceramic surfaces, and Arizona is one clear example. Inspired by naked wood faded by sunlight and worn by the passage of time, it stands out for its strong personality.

Arizona Natural Finish:  59" x 126" (12 mm thick)
Geo ITOPKER countertop. Bush-hammered finishing in Gris colour.

travertine, stone, living room, bathroom, outdoor, indoor, bush-hammered, kitchen,countertop, top, itopker, soft

Travertine marble continues to be a popular look in interior design. This ITOPKER model, ideal for use in both kitchens and bathrooms, stands out for its rich dark colours, strong veined pattern, and opulently elegant natural surface.

59" x 126" (12 mm thick)
Larsen ITOPKER countertop. A natural, matt and high-gloss polished marble finishings in a Super Blanco-Gris colour.

stone, marble, living room, bathroom, indoor, natural, kitchen, countertop, top, itopker, soft,polished, table, top

Larsen is one of Inalco’s white marble-effect tile collections, with a strong personality and unique beauty.
Its surface features strong grey veins on a dazzling pure white background. The collection comes in a choice of an elegant natural finish, matt or glossy polished one, both in large formats.  

Larsen can be used to create designs with a bookmatching mirror effect.

59" x 126" (12 mm thick)
Ice ITOPKER countertop. A natural and high-gloss polished finishings in Super Blanco colour.

living room, bathroom, outdoor, indoor, natural, kitchen, countertop, top, itopker, soft, white,polished

Ice ITOPKER is synonymous with white in its purest of states, a modern-looking fundamental colour perfect for all kitchen and bathroom countertops, ensuring luminosity and an added sense of spaciousness.

59" x 126" (12 mm thick)

Silk ITOPKER countertop. A natural finishing in B-Blanco, B-Perla, B-Camel, B-Moka, B-Gris and B-Negro colours. Bush-hammered finishing in B-Blanco and B-Negro colours.

living room, bathroom, outdoor, indoor, natural, kitchen, countertop, top, itopker, soft

SILK is the clear example than less is more. Its tones add a minimalist and neutral feel, that together with its smooth surface make it the perfect model to convey a discreet elegance.

59" x 126" (12 mm thick)
Storm ITOPKER countertop. Natural and High-gloss polished finishings in Gris (Grey) and Negro (Black) colours.

stone, living room, bathroom, outdoor, indoor, natural, kitchen, countertop, top, itopker, soft

STORM ITOPKER, a collection inspired by stone’s strength and beauty, is a revamped classic in black or grey, with fine white veining. Its strong surface evokes the more dynamic side to nature, while also allowing for the creation of restful settings in the case of the grey model, while the black model lends surfaces a bold striking air.

Storm is available in a smooth natural finish or glossy polished one.

59" x 126" (12 mm thick)
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