Around The World, Right Next Door - Luxurious Natural Stone in Oregon

Around The World, Right Next Door

Part 1 of our 3 part video series that explains the differences between Granite, Marble, Soapstone and Onyx. See how natural stone is mined into blocks, cut into slabs and selected by stone buyers for import into the US.
Part 2 of our 3 part video series explains the process of picking that perfect stone for your new countertops. How does the relationship between you, your fabricator and a stone supplier fit together? This video should help explain the process of obtaining your dream kitchen or bathroom.
Part 3, the final installment of our 3 part series details the installation process of natural stone countertops. Fabricators can vary as much as natural stone. It’s important for you to be comfortable with the fabricator you choose. This video should help you understand the skilled artisan, the technology and the heavy nature of this business.