How to Find the Best Natural Stone Slabs Near Me - Luxurious Natural Stone in Oregon

If you’re working on a home or building renovation, you know how important it is to make the right decisions for your space. The time you’ve spent envisioning the end result of your project will finally have a chance to pay off, and you’ll need options available to you that are as specific as your unique taste. When your renovation involves natural stone slabs, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the best stone slabs available to you.

Finding a high-quality stone slab near you won’t be difficult if you know how to go about it. Chances are, there’s a high-quality stone distributor closer than you think. In Oregon, EleMar Oregon has three convenient locations that you can visit giving convenient access to most people in the Pacific Northwest.

We know how important it is to find the perfect slab for your renovation project. Here are a few tips for finding the best natural stone slabs near you.

Visit Virtual Idea Centers

If you’re still early in the process of your renovation and looking for ideas, then visiting an online idea center can be a good place to start your search. Deciding on a design style is challenging for most people because the decision feels so final. That’s why companies like EleMar Oregon create an idea center so homeowners can get a taste for what’s available and see how other people have styled their stone slabs.

Visualizing what a stone slab will look like against a specific type of cabinet can be almost impossible on your own. Through the virtual Idea Center at EleMar Oregon, you’ll be able to see a large variety of stone slabs and what they look like against different cabinets, kitchens, and bathroom designs. During the process, you’ll also get a good idea of what types of stones are in stock.

Know What You’re Looking For

Sometimes the easiest way to find the best natural stone slabs near you is to have a good idea of what you’re looking for. An idea center will give you a way to visualize what you hope to achieve, but there are other ways to educate yourself on the process and make a more knowledgeable decision. It’s much easier to find the best slabs when you know what the best stones are.

Knowing more about each stone can help you with your decision. Sure, you may like a certain stone, but depending on where you’re planning to place it, it may not be the best option. Some stones are more prone to scratching and staining, which wouldn’t make them a good choice for kitchen countertops where you plan on preparing food directly on the surface. Getting to know a bit about each stone can ensure you select the right stone for your home and lifestyle.

EleMar Oregon knows how important it is to have some background knowledge on your potential stone slab, which is why we offer educational resources on our website. While you’re learning about what stone slabs are near you, you can also learn more about their specific properties, where they come from, their varieties, and what makes them unique. We also offer educational videos so that you can see how the stones are mined into blocks, cut into slabs, and eventually picked out by people like you.

You can also take a look at some of the potential edge profiles that can be applied to your stone slab, as well as what type of finishes are available. The more you know beforehand, the more confident you’ll be during the selection process.

Ask Around

Have you ever been to a building or home that featured amazing stone slabs? If so, it wouldn’t hurt to figure out where they purchased them. Hearing from someone firsthand, after seeing their countertops, can be a great way to find where the best stone slabs are in your area.

Though firsthand accounts are usually the preferred method, there are other ways to hear what people have to say about stone distributors near you. Check out testimonial pages or Google reviews to see what people are saying about the quality and variety of stones offered at specific distributors.

Visit a Wholesale Warehouse

When you’re ready to choose the right natural stone slab for your project, the best way to go about it is to visit a wholesale warehouse. Sure, you could visit every store around, but the quality and quantity won’t measure up to that of a wholesaler. Wholesalers can offer you a larger variety of stone slabs, while also offering the convenient pricing that comes with wholesale items. And if you still plan on shopping around, try to visit the wholesaler first so you have a good point of reference.

You can visit any EleMar Oregon warehouse, in Tualatin, Medford, or Redmond, and select the exact stone slab you’re interested in. Because each stone slab is different, the exact pattern and color of each slab will also vary. Coming in and selecting your stone slab is the perfect way to ensure that you’re getting the look your desire. While they won’t be able to sell you the slab directly, they can pass the information and the slab directly on to your fabricator and get you one step closer to completing your project.

Search on Your Phone

If you’re hesitant about visiting a warehouse in-person or just aren’t at that stage yet, there are still options for you. You can browse the current inventory at EleMar Oregon from the comfort of your home with our app. The EleMar Oregon app is free and can be downloaded through the app store on your mobile device. Just search “elemaroregon” in the app store, and you can have our wide variety of stone slabs at your fingertips.