Natural Stone from EleMar Oregon Can Help Your Dream Kitchen Come True - Luxurious Natural Stone in Oregon

You’ve been planning your dream kitchen for as long as you can remember. Now that the stars have aligned, you’re finally able to bring everything together to create a kitchen space that you and your family will want to spend time in. New appliances, a kitchen island, new cabinets are all on your radar (and on your shopping list), but you’re not yet sure about your new kitchen countertops. There are just too many options out there. What’s going to last the longest while looking great in the meantime? It can be overwhelming when you see the sheer variety of materials and styles available to you.

If you’re looking for the best return on your money and the most aesthetic options out there, natural stone should be at the top of your list. Here are three ways natural stone from EleMar Oregon can help your dream kitchen come true:

It will look great.

Natural stone is elegant and will lend a timeless, classic look to your kitchen. Natural stone will never go out of style, and each stone slab is unique, so you’ll have a different pattern and color from anyone else’s natural stone. That means that even if other homes have a similar floorplan to yours, your kitchen will still stand out, simply because of the color and pattern of your gorgeous natural stone countertops.

You can use natural stone in several ways in your kitchen. Luxurious marble flooring? Granite kitchen countertops? Soapstone tabletop? Backsplash tiles? Any of these will bring that extra something to your kitchen.

If you’re upgrading your kitchen in this way, you can expect the value of your house to appreciate as well, which will be great whenever you decide to sell your house in the future. You can ask for a higher selling price and walk away with a little more in your pocket. Gourmet kitchens are a prized item in any home, and you may recoup as much as 95 percent of the cost of the remodel when you sell your house. Other major renovations throughout the house may only come as close as 75 percent.

It creates an atmosphere.

We’re sure at some point you’ve walked into a friend’s or family member’s kitchen and thought, “No one spends any time in here.” Maybe it was because of clutter or the fact it had little natural light or entirely wrong colors on the walls. Or maybe it was because of the worn look of the counters or the flooring. You’re renovating your kitchen in order to avoid this.

Natural stone materials make your kitchen look more welcoming since it’s a natural element. Earthy tones also make people feel more at ease—and will make you feel more at home in your kitchen space. Once your dream kitchen is complete, it’ll become a place where you want to spend more time, and your guests will see that you’ve created a space everyone can enjoy spending time in.

You’ve probably figured out that stone is an eco-friendly and sustainable material. If you take care of them, you can feel the peace of knowing you won’t need to replace your countertops ever again, which saves space in the landfill and won’t cost you money in the future.

Lastly, the inherent porosity of natural stone acts as a noise insulator. Expect diminished soundwaves from outside your home, and from inside. This will give your kitchen a sense of serenity and purpose, an environment you can use as your own island of calm. Marble is especially known for this sound-dampening feature.

Natural stone is naturally durable.

So, what can you expect for the maintenance of your new kitchen counters? The answer is: not as much as you’d think. Just keep these three rules in mind:

1. Seal it.

There are a few basic rules you want to stick to in order to keep those countertops shining many years into the future. First, you’ll want to seal your countertops with a protective seal. Everyday wear and tear will eventually remove this seal, no matter how careful you are, so you’ll want to reseal your countertops every so often. The timing will be different per surface, depending on the type and color of the stone and what kind of everyday use it gets over time.

In general, you’ll know when to reseal by doing a simple water bead test. As long as water beads, there’s no reason to reseal. Usually, you should pay attention to the areas around your sink and stove. These areas see more day-to-day scrubbing so the sealant tends to wear out there first. Most sealants sold now are 10-plus year formulas, but you may get many additional years if you use mild soap and water to clean. Just remember to occasionally do the water bead test.

2. Wipe up spills.

You’re probably already good about the second rule: wiping up spills immediately. Natural stone is porous—much like our own skin. If you leave a spill for too long, the liquid or material can soak into the stone, into these pores, and leave a stain that can be difficult to remove.

3. Use a cutting board.

The third rule is, never cut foods directly on the stone. Make sure you invest in a couple of cutting boards so that you don’t scratch or mark your beautiful stone countertops. Soft stones may scratch, and granite will ruin a good knife.

At EleMar Oregon, we want to help you select the stone that’s just right for your kitchen, whether you’ve decided on counters, floors, or backsplashes—or all three! While we’re a wholesaler and only sell to fabricators and contractors, you’re welcome to visit with your contractor so you can handpick the slab that’s going into your home. Contact us today if you have any further questions—we’d love to help you!