What Are the Advantages of Quartz Stone Countertops? - Luxurious Natural Stone in Oregon

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling the home you love, selecting your countertop surfaces is both exciting and challenging. Kitchen and bath countertops are the most used surfaces in your home, as well as a main focal point in your home’s style signature.

Today’s modern kitchens and baths wouldn’t be complete without quality, durable countertops. There are many materials to choose from, including granite, marble, wood, laminate, concrete, and composites like quartz stone. Choosing the right countertop surfaces to fit your needs, usage, and design preference is critical.

All have their own advantages, but with so many choices, you may be left wondering which one is right for you. Quartz stone will retain its beauty much longer than lower-cost choices like grouted tile or laminate surfaces. And it requires less maintenance than natural surfaces like marble and granite that require waxing or sealing regularly.

Though quartz stone countertops have been around for quite some time, they’re a relative newcomer in home design. As homeowners realize the advantages of these beautiful and durable countertops, quartz stone has overtaken natural materials like marble and granite in popularity. In fact, the National Association of Realtors recently reported engineered products, like quartz stone, are clearly outpacing natural stone choices for countertops.

Is It Really Quartz?

Quartzite is a natural mineral element containing silica and oxygen. Colored quartzite, such as amethyst, rose, citrine, and green and blue varieties are widely used in the jewelry industry. Quartzite is accepted as the most abundant mineral on earth.

Quartz stone countertops are engineered, or manmade. Each slab is manufactured from natural ground quartzite, using polymer resins for binding and forming. A quartz stone slab contains up to 93 percent quartz material and 7 percent resin binder. Occasionally, other materials like crushed glass or metallic flecks are added to the quartz to obtain a desired appearance. Pigment is also added to achieve certain colors. The end result is a durable countertop that stands up to the heaviest use, resisting corrosion from cleaning products and damage from typical use.


Most natural stone surfaces are porous and will absorb liquids that may cause permanent staining. The non-porous surface of quartz stone countertops is much more resistant to staining than granite, marble, or concrete. It also resists staining from spills like wine, coffee, oil, and acidic liquids like tomato sauce and citrus juice. Porous surfaces also pose the danger of harboring bacteria or germs, whereas solid surfaces do not. Quartz stone countertops can be easily cleaned with mild antibacterial and disinfectant products, with no worry of lingering bacteria or viruses.

Quartz stone countertops offer another important advantage over natural materials like marble, granite, and even poured concrete—superior strength and durability. On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness—a measure used by geologists to rate the hardness and scratch-resistance of minerals—quartz is rated 7 out of 10. The hardest mineral, diamond, is rated 10. Marble is typically rated between 3 and 5. Granite has a similar hardness to quartz.

So, as tough and long-lasting as natural stone countertops are, quartz stone countertops are much more resistant to damage, such as scratching, chipping, and cracks, than many other choices in countertop surfaces. In fact, our Caesarstone quartz stone countertops come with a lifetime warranty.
Quartz stone countertops will increase the beauty and elegance of your home, as well as the value, making it a cost-effective investment. And there’s never been a better time than now to choose quartz stone countertops for your home design. The increasing competition among brands and providers of high-end countertop manufacturers means prices are lower than ever before.

More Design Options

When you choose quartz stone countertops, you aren’t limited to the designs found in nature. Manufacturers create endless combinations of colors and patterns to complement your cabinetry, walls, and floor coverings. Quartz stone is even available in solid colors.

Quartz stone countertops offer much more warmth and depth than the cold, hard surfaces of natural stone or poured concrete. And if you’ve had your heart set on marble, granite, or even concrete but now think the durability of a manufactured product is a wiser choice, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the realistic appearance of our faux marble, granite, and raw concrete slabs.

With such a wide variety, you can pick just the right countertop to fit your design aesthetic and create the beautiful and elegant interiors you’ve dreamed of.


Quartz stone has many more applications for creating your beautiful home than just as kitchen or bath countertops. Quartz stone has few, if any, imperfections, unlike natural stone products. The uniform, predictable material is easier to install, with less waste, offering innovative, long-lasting design options for fireplace hearths, mantles and surrounds, shower surrounds, backsplashes or wainscoting, tabletops, even window seats and wide windowsills. The possibilities with quartz stone are endless—your imagination is the only limit.

At EleMar Oregon we offer both Caesarstone and EleQuence quartz stone slabs.

Caesarstone uses only the finest raw materials, manufacturing slabs in a controlled production process for the highest quality product. Caesarstone’s research and development, along with experienced designers, guarantee unsurpassed quality and excellence.

Ceasarstone is available in a wide range of colors and designs and comes with a lifetime warranty for residential use. You’ll know it’s genuine Caesarstone by the stamp and serial numbers on the back of each slab.

EleQuence quartz slabs offer state of the art technology in manufactured quartz stone countertops. Scratch- and stain-resistant, these beautiful countertops are made to look great and last for years.

If you’re designing your new home or planning to remodel the home you love, the professionals at EleMar Oregon will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the just the right countertops for your home. Visit our showroom to see full-sized slabs or browse online or on the EleMar app to see the many patterns and colors we offer—you can even order samples.